Hyne T2 Construction Pine

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If you want to get the best possible timber for your construction project, then you need to work with nothing but the best in the business. This is exactly what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine manages to offer, because it makes it easy for you to obtain quality treated timber that will take your project to new levels.

Created out of locally grown softwood which was treated in a natural manner, the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is designed in order to bring you the durability and structural integrity that you might want from such a product. You also get a good price on this too, especially because it’s a product grown in the local region, and that on its own manages to bring plenty of amazing opportunities.

Building a home can be a major financial investment, and that on its own can bring a lot of value in return. It all comes down to the materials that you use. With the Hyne timber T2 construction pine you can rest assured that the house you want to build will have an amazing structural integrity that will take everything to new heights all the time.

It’s amazing what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine can offer here, because not only is it treated to avoid any issues such as rust, but the H2 treatment also brings in a much better durability which is a true investment and which manages to offer great results all the time.

Hyne T2 Construction Pine

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Another great selling point for Hyne timber T2 construction pine is the fact that it’s suitable for a wide range of projects, so no matter if you want to use it for your home or for expanding the capacity of your business, this will work just fine. In fact, it will help boost the structural integrity unlike never before which is a major plus for sure.

The Hyne timber T2 construction pine is a great investment if you want to build a home or expand it properly without having to be sorry in the end. Not only is this offering you a better set of results, but it also makes the experience more refined all the time.

If you really care about the structure of your home, then investing in the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is a great idea, because it will provide you with the certainty that you got a good deal and astounding results all the time.

It’s amazing what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine manages to offer for such a low price, and it all comes down to making the right choice. With so many features, a great price and a stellar treatment that will protect you against structural damage and tropical termites, the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is an extraordinary product well worth the purchase, and the results will not cease to show in time!

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Why choose hySPAN LVL from Carroll’s Wholesale Timber

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If you work in the construction sector, then you know that in order to make each building last for a very long time, you need to have a sound structure and beams, and that’s exactly where the hySPAN LVL solution fits in quite nicely. This is a product that was created in order to bring in front better, higher quality beam solutions made out of both softwood and hardwood.


Why choose hySPAN LVL from Carroll’s Wholesale Timber

The hySPAN LVL product was created in order to complement the traditional building tools and offer a more refined way to get high quality constructions in a superior manner. At the same time, the main focus is on quality, the product comes with a great guarantee and many more benefits.

hySPAN LVL features

The hySPAN LVL product is designed in order to bring in front the best quality you always wanted for your construction projects, and at the same time it takes complete advantage of those benefits offered by the brand, all the while offering affordable solutions that solve problems.

It’s important to note that unlike other wooden beams, these particular ones have the Terminator technology which offers termite protection for up to 25 years, something that’s definitely reassuring and very impressive.

On top of that, since the beams are sourced from specially managed plantation forest, you get FSC certification as well as the best quality wood on the market for one low price.

Treatment levels can vary based on customer requests, but one thing is certain, the technology is designed in order to offer unlimited benefits and at the same time it will empower all structures you want, no matter if they are commercial or residential..

You can also opt for H2 or H3 treated  wood if you want, it all comes down to you, as the manufacturer can easily address your requests at all times. It’s important to note that the hySPAN LVL product also comes with a dedicated software system that will allow you to explore designs as you see fit until you reach a final one that you are happy with.

But at the end of the day what matters the most about hySPAN LVL is the wood quality, which is straight, strong, true, dimensionally stable and lightweight. This is what makes it very suitable for just about any construction project that you want to tackle right now. It offers an amazing experience and results that your clients will appreciate for sure. Since this is a high quality product, it has all certification and branding that makes it very easy to identify at all times. It’s also quite reliable, and something that does offer immense value.

In conclusion, hySPAN LVL is a great product and you should definitely give it a try for your construction project. You will enjoy the astounding quality offered by these breams and at the end of the day it will provide you with an entire new way to build, a more sturdy yet visually appealing one!

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Our Philosophy and History in Timber

Our Philosophy and History

Welcome to Carrolls Wholesale, we are a value-oriented specialist in different varieties of timber and building solutions in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. If you’re looking for reliable service and superior quality timber products, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Carrolls Wholesale, timber is our largest area of knowledge, skill, and passion. We love the beauty, diversity and adaptability of wood. Wood is our passion and we hope to touch as many people as we can with its natural splendour. We aim to become the number one platform where anyone can find all kinds of timber solutions including procurement of decorative and constructive services. Our goal is to recognize, secure and oversee timber related resources. With over 60 years of experience in the timber industry, we can help you find the right type of timber for your next project.

At Carrolls Wholesale, we consider ourselves as co-producers and not consumers, because by providing timber related services, we become a part of and a partner in the production process. We pride ourselves on providing the public with quality service, and great value, because at Carrolls Wholesale, your satisfaction is our main focus. Always remember that we are the best when it comes to timber related services, let us help you, and then you can show the world how proud you are. Because we Inspire and Connect with you.

The Carroll family have been timber merchants for over 70 years.

Richard Colin Carroll started a sawmill in the west of Newcastle in 1941 and was considered a pioneer in the industry. He literally built the sawmill by his own hand and together with his wife Mary worked every aspect of the business for the next 50 years.


John Carroll (above) joined the family business after he finished high school in the seventies and is still working in the family timber business more than 45 years later.


Colin Carroll (above), Johns son joined the timber business after he finished school and is the 3rd generation of Carroll’s in the timber business.

Colin now operates the modern version of the timber business helped by his father John Carroll

Colin now has more than 10 years of experience in the timber industry

Carrolls now do weekly deliveries accross Sydney,Central Coast,Newcastle and the Hunter valley.

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This online store specializes in treated retaining wall and garden pine products, however we sell a massive range of timber products to the trade and the general public.

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Introducing Millboard

I am pleased to announce that CWT is a supplier of Millboard

millbaord logo

This revolutionary decking is virtually maintenance free and is the world’s finest 100% wood-free composite decking. With the incredible realistic look of natural timber, Millboard decking provides an external flooring solution without the hassles associated with traditional wood or composite products. Millboard composite deck has Best-In-Class slip resistance, zero splinters and never needs to be oiled or sealed – ever! All backed by an Industry leading 25Y Limited Residential Warranty.

To find out more about this exciting new product visit our Millboard site


Australian Traditional Hardwood Flooring

If you are in the market for new flooring, one of the more popular choices today is hardwood tongue and groove flooring. Before choosing a hardwood flooring, it’s important to note the difference between hardwood and softwood. Many may assume that “hard” and “soft” are referring to the strength of the wood, however, the terms are, instead, referring to their botanical roots. Hardwoods are produced from broad-leafed trees with seeds (think fruits and nuts), whereas softwoods come from trees that have more needle-like leaves. In most cases hardwoods are stronger than softwoods due to the higher density, however, that is not always the case. For example, cypress is a very strong softwood, while balsa is a weaker hardwood in comparison.

The natural durability of hardwoods makes them perfect for interior flooring and stairs. Another plus to hardwood flooring is that, due to their above-ground life, they are easily recyclable. Popular hardwood species like jarrah, blackwood and red gum are prized for recycled flooring, paneling and furniture.

Australia has a vast resource in its native hardwoods. They produce some of the most durable and attractive timbers in the world. Australian native hardwoods are sourced mostly from managed forests but some of their product does come from plantations and the farm forestry.

One of the most popular applications for hardwood flooring is the tongue and groove method. Tongue and groove is the method of fitting the flooring planks together, edge to edge. Tongue and groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Each piece of flooring has a slot (the groove) cut along one edge and a thin, deep ridge (the tongue) on the opposite edge. The tongue projects a little less than the depth of the groove so that the pieces fit together closely. The joint is normally glued so that, during shrinkage, the tongue does not pull off. This method is used widely in higher-quality wood flooring like those found in the traditional Australian hardwood line.

Traditional Australian Hardwood Tongue & Groove Flooring is renowned for its beauty, warmth and sustainability. There are many varieties of hardwood flooring available and the choices can be overwhelming. It is best to see the options available during a personal visit to a timber wholesaler, like Carroll’s Wholesale Timber. A facility such as CWT that specializes in the timber industry can best display the pros and cons of each type of hardwood flooring available. Every situation is different, and professional experts like those at CWT, are able to recommend the perfect line of Traditional Australian Hardwood Tongue & Groove Flooring that will best fit your individual needs.

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Futurewood Cleverdeck


Futurewood Cleverdeck -
Now you can move away from the common rainforest timber deck with all of its associated environmental concerns and maintenance issues comfortable in the knowledge that you have made an economically sound decision that won’t hurt the environment by using Clever Deck composite decking.

CleverDeck composite decking is made from recycled HDPE (industrial waste and some post-consumer plastic waste), wood flour (sawdust) and discarded rice husks making it one of the most environmentally friendly composite decking options available.

The thought process behind the marketing of CleverDeck composite decking was to build in value so that consumers wanting to make a positive environmental decking choice will not be financially disadvantaged. Our cost calculator will show you that once you factor in the initial and the ongoing maintenance costs of a common timber deck choosing CleverDeck composite decking will save you money year after year.

CleverDeck 138mm wide solid WPC composite decking comes in 5 standard colours; Chocolate, Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey and Walnut, all boards are double sided and have a sanded finish with a subtle indented grain pattern on each face. You can also choose the CleverDeck composite decking Eco-board in a rough sanded 86mm Mahogany finish without the indented grain. All CleverDeck composite decking boards are available in long 5.4 metre lengths and come with the peace of mind that a 10 year warranty against rotting and white ants/termite attack provides.

CleverDeck composite decking boards come with a standard grove on both edges so that you have the option of using the NewTech deck clip system for an extremely fast (money saving) and completely concealed fix giving your composite decking deck an added touch of class.

Apart from looking great there are many other benefits associated with your purchase of CleverDeck composite decking. Look through the list of features and benefits of composite decking and compare these to traditional timbers. Then compare the true overall cost and the environmental effect and your decision to use composite decking is all but made for you. Check out our gallery of composite decking deck photos and then call or email us to find a distributor near you. You won’t be disappointed.

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Beautifully coloured, resilient and perfectly suited for tongue and groove flooring, Tasmanian Oak is the #1 preferred hardwood also used to construct furniture, scantlings, cabinetry and panelled walls. Harvested from PEFC-certified, sustainable hardwoods from the temperate, north western forests of found in the state, Tasmanian Oak is a favourite among building designers and architects desiring an elegantly modern, distinctly crisp appearance to enhance their projects.


Tasmanian Oak is a collective name describing three, nearly identical categories of eucalypt hardwoods–Alpine ash, Mountain ash and Messmate. Early timbers workers thought these eucalypts demonstrated the same strength and durability as the English Oak and decided to call these particular species of hardwoods Tasmanian Oak.

Tasmanian oak comes from managed forests where trees are grown according to sustainable development principles as part of an overall sustainable forest management system. The meaning of sustainable forest management, as defined by the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, involves the “use and stewardship of forests…that sustains their biodiversity…regeneration capacity…and potential to fulfill relevant economic, social and ecological functions at global, national and local levels.”


Janka hardness is the number ascribed to a wood that reveals how much pounds-force (lbf) it takes to to imbed a 11.28 mm diameter steel ball into the wood until only half the ball is visible. The janka hardness of Tasmanian oak is 1350, or 35% harder than teak wood. Janka hardness ratings are commonly used in determining whether a type of wood is applicable for use as flooring.


  • Easily stained and polished
  • Resists traffic wear, denting and other damage common to other wood floors
  • Exhibits a light colouring, from tan to straw brown to a muted reddish-brown interspersed with moderate shades of pink to cream
  • Presents an even open, straight grain complemented by visible growth rings
  • Highly resistant to splits when using nails or screws
  • Lustrous, smooth surface when working with the grain. Drilled holes are “to size” and very clean
  • One of the most long-lasting, sustainable woods available–remains fresh-looking and beautifully shaded for years


Tasmanian oak is the perfect choice for tongue and groove flooring, a technique of laying flooring that involves affixing two panels of Tasmanian oak together, with one side of each panel grooved and the other side having a projection, or “tongue”. By interlocking panels using the groove and tongue system, the panels remain securely in place. Decorative moldings are then usually attached where the walls meet a tongue and groove floor.

Find Tasmanian Oak for Your Next Project at Carrolls Wholesale Timber

Available in a wide range of sizes for building, floors, stairs and nearly all furniture types, sustainable Tasmanian oak is guaranteed to exceed your expectations in both style, aesthetics, ease of workability and strength.

Before & After

ACQ Treatment

ACQ Treatment Process

alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) is a wood preservative method recently adopted by countries such as Australia, Canada and the U.S where the need for an alternative to chromated copper arsenate exists. Composed of a quaternary ammonium compound, a fungicide, a bactericide and copper, ACQ makes treated wood resistant to all forms of biological attack, including insects and natural decay.

Benefits of ACQ Treatment

  • Suitable for use in environmentally sensitive regions
  • Offers long-term protection against fungal rot, damage due to high moisture conditions and destruction by wood-boring organisms
  • Gradually weathers to a rich, honey colour
  • Can be easily stained or painted
  • Industry-recognised QA systems ensure quality control of ACQ application at timber treatment plants
  • Treated wood scraps can be safely thrown into typical rubbish collections
  • Specially suited for use on retaining walls, outdoor chairs and tables, walkways, gazebos, decking, benches, landscaping and domestic and agricultural fencing

Environmentally Safe and Effective as a Wood Preservative

For those who are concerned about other treatments, ACQ and its primary ingredient copper does not pose any kind of risk to the environment or to humans. Copper in ACQ is combined with “quat”, or a quaternary compound co-biocide that dramatically improves treated woods’ resistance against copper-tolerant insects and fungi. “Quats” are also found in many “green” household cleaners and disinfectants.

ACQ Treated Wood and Metal Fasteners

Wood that has been treated with ACQ will expedite corrosion and degradation of metal fasteners relative to wood that is not treated with ACQ. Consequently, other types of steel fasteners must be incorporated with ACQ treated wood, such as stainless steel, copper or hot-dipped galvanized steel fasteners.

Other Timber products

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The Correct Use of CCA Treated information

img-0750.jpg img-0749.jpg

We stock and sell CCA treated timbers and they have been used for over 70 Years in Australia and around the world.

All of our CCA products are genine Koppers products and they provide us all the information you would need to use this product safely.

The information has been taken directly from the Koppers Website to help you understand the product and where it should be used.

For more detailed information, a brochure or the Koppers website, click on the links

Koppers Home Page

Koppers CCA Information


The APVMA are satisfied that CCA is still an effective and safe option for all other applications. Koppers logs are safe to use in the following applications:-

  • Retaining walls
  • Garden beds / planter boxes
  • Pergola posts
  • Bollards & car park barriers
  • Domestic fence posts, railings & palings
  • Piling
  • Viticultural posts
  • House stumps
  • Farm fencing
  • Utility poles
  • Building poles
  • Decking support posts…and many more


The APVMA confirms in its report that exposure to arsenic from treated timber is lower than that from many sources found in water and food. Arsenic also occurs naturally in all soils. Arsenic is the twentieth most common element in the earth’s crust and is present in very small quantities in almost everything we eat and drink. The APVMA has calculated that our normal, daily dietary intake of arsenic is 4.5 times more than expected exposure through contact with CCA-treated timber surfaces. Even when these two possible sources of arsenic are added together, the total is three times less than the daily allowable amounts set by the World Health Organisation.


Regulatory government bodies are not requiring a removal or dismantling of existing structures. It is, however, recommended that householders apply a sealant or penetrating surface coating to existing CCA treated structures that have frequent human contact.


The following health and safety practices are recommended for both treated and untreated timber:-

  • Do not allow wood dust to accumulate and keep work area clean.
  • Wear a filter mask and eye protection to avoid inhalation of sawdust.
  • Wear gloves when handling the material.



CCA treated timber is not a hazardous waste. Trade and domestic users should dispose of off-cuts and redundant pieces through normal waste collection services.

Disposal: Domestic users should dispose of off-cuts and redundant pieces through normal waste collection services. Trade or industrial manufacturers generating larger volumes of treated wood waste may require approval from their local waste services authority or council. Do not use for composting or mulching. Do not burn as a means of disposal.



Koppers treated wood products are protected against decay and termites by impregnation with Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority approved wood preservatives. Treated wood is safe to use providing that common sense precautions and handling guidelines are followed. This information is provided in the interest of consumer safety and for appropriate use of the product.

  • Only use Koppers treated wood that is clean, dry and free of surface residues.
  • Avoid inhaling wood dust and wear a filter mask while power sawing, machining, sanding or any operation where wood dust is generated.
  • Protect the eyes while using power tools or any work where small particles may be ejected.
  • Wear gloves when handling the material, and wash hands after work and before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Brush or wash sawdust off skin or clothes.
  • Keep the work area clean. Do not allow wood dust to accumulate. Wherever possible, recover sawdust, shavings and off-cuts for proper disposal.
  • Wash wood dust contaminated work clothing and safety equipment before reuse.
  • DO NOT BURN off-cuts or waste pieces. Burning may produce toxic fumes and residues.


Koppers treated wood products are durable and versatile building materials. The following tips will help you get the best results with your treated wood project.

  • Make sure that the timber is treated to the corrrect hazard level for your application. The most common situations are:
    • H3 for above ground such as decking and pergolas
    • H4 for ground contact such as landscaping and fence posts
    • H5 for structural application in ground contact such as house poles, engineered retaining walls, or for timber that will be in permanent fresh water contact.
  • All end cuts, rebates, drill holes and notches should be resealed with an approved timber protective.
  • It is strongly recommended that all dimensioned (sawn) timber products in outdoor situations are painted, stained or sealed for best performance and prevention of discolouration, mould and dimensional distortion.
  • Use hot dipped galvanised steel, stainless steel or other metal fasteners of high corrosion resistance for all exterior timber applications.

You will never regret the small additional cost of taking these steps when you appreciate the long term benefits of durable outdoor structures using Koppers treated timber.