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Futurewood Wholesale Composite Decking

Advantages over timber

Futurewood does not require painting, does not rot or splinter, and fades only slightly over time. This makes it the ideal wholesale composite decking for Sydney and Newcastle properties with direct exposure to ocean winds and other harsh conditions.

Futurewood looks like hardwood decking but is made from recycled HDPE (industrial and post-consumer waste), rice husks and recycled hardwood timber so it is much more ecologically sustainable than timber.

Environmentally friendly

Our range of products for fencing, decking and cladding applications are made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Plus, Futurewood timber alternative products do not require oiling, staining or painting so you can avoid the use of these chemical based products. Not only is Futurewood a relatively cheap composite decking option upfront, it requires less investment in the long run.

Cost effective

Futurewood products provide a cost effective alternative to traditional hardwood timber decking, fencing and cladding materials. They are quick and easy to install, come in a standard length of 5.4m, and do not require regular maintenance. You won’t find a better deal on timber composite decking in Sydney or wider NSW.

Carrolls Wholesale Timber are now Futurewood composite decking suppliers. We stock:



Check out the Futurewood website for more details of this amazing product.

Samples are available on request; contact 1300 233 707 to ask for a sample of composite decking to be mailed out to you. To find current composite decking price lists, please contact us directly.